Brandon was golfing, no one was available for a play date and my parents have my kids enough, which left me alone with the threenagers all day. I tried to think of things we could do, none of which actually sounded fun.

We played trucks, read books, played outside and walked to Dunkin’ for donuts and milk. Luke pointed out the “boo boo” on the very nice Hindu man’s head while Carter found more entertainment in the bathroom’s quick-flushing toilet than the donuts. Carter beat on Lucas all day (the 10 lb difference is huge in toddler fights) and neither one of them napped. I was exhausted. Any second I had to sit was a second I was using to get ready for their little birthday party so it was nonstop, all day.

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time not walking behind the kids and cleaning up after them. Maybe that’s why I’m exhausted? We all know it’s impossible to clean up after toddlers until they are married and out of the house but for some reason, I can’t even help myself. There was chocolate milk everywhere, ketchup on the walls, fries under the couch and hot wheels and legos all over – just ready for me to step on them and give the boys a new word they shouldn’t, but will, repeat at school.

After I fired off a couple of texts to Brandon about how he had seconds to get home before the kids were going back to the hospital, I had an epiphany. YOLO. You only live once. I don’t know who started it but I know it from Drake.. which reminds me of one of my favorite trips ever to Miami when I was.. 22? 23? You know, the good old days. Anyway, back to being (almost) 31.. sigh.

My epiphany. YOLO.

I decided to stop caring that the house was a mess and that things were getting ruined left and right and just lean into it. I wasn’t going to have a clean house, ever, but especially not today. The toys would find their way back out even if I put them away and truthfully, my back couldn’t handle another bend and snap to pick up another damn toy truck.

I finished frosting the cupcakes while Carter played (ruined) my extra cupcake liners and poured a new pack of sprinkles into each one. Whatever, I thought. I can buy more sprinkles but I cannot handle one more second of screaming. I started to make a mess too. Instead of carefully placing the tiny sprinkles on the cupcakes, I just threw em on. More rolled off the cupcakes than stayed on and off they went, onto the counter, behind every gadget, onto the floor and into other rooms and crevices I’m sure I’ll be cleaning out for years. It felt weirdly freeing. I looked into the other room at Luke who was pouring his chocolate milk into his toy truck and drinking it. It was messy everywhere but it was quiet. No one was fighting or screaming. No one was punching or fighting over a toy we have 4 of. Everyone was just in their own mess.

It took me 10 minutes to clean it all up when we all decided to move on to something less destructive. 10. I would normally spend at least 20, making time to bitch about the fact that 3 year olds should have it together or exclaiming that we are banning all sauces for the remainder of eternity. It’s surprisingly easier to be laid back than be uptight, who would have known?

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with new fights and battles over the same toy so we’ll see how long YOLO mom will stick around but for now, I’ll catch up on sleep.. I mean Facebook.

Wish me luck ….


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