Happy 2017!

Happy New Year! It’s a new year but the same ol’ tired me over here.

To say life has been busy would be an understatement. I’m notorious for taking on more than I can safely handle and once again, I found myself drowning a little bit. I ended up in the ER with a migraine (because mine present like mini strokes, which is cool) to remind me to cool my damn jets. So I did.

Just kidding. I didn’t. But I did take a day off to sleep, which was great.

I keep wondering when the shock to my system from the boys will wear off. I’m still not used to no sleep. I’m still not used to not having any free time and I’m definitely not used to having to worry about someone twenty.four.seven. I would say I’m better at it but used to it? I don’t know if I will ever be. I spent almost 28 years doing me, I guess it’ll take a second to get over that.

I also really need to start saying no when I can instead of saying ‘let me figure it out’ and yes to a couple of minutes of nothing every once in a while. The boys are old enough that I can start taking some more time for me which I fully intend to do. It’s really easy to get lost in being ‘mom’ and ‘work Kayla’ and not being ‘Kayla’ and I’m still holding out hope that they can all co-exist. Now, in reality, this just means I’m staying up later to write, read or create but it’s kind of nice to have a few minutes that I’m not doing something for someone else. While I don’t want to say ‘resolution’ because that just means it won’t last, that’s definitely my focus for 2017. Read more, write more, do more for me. The better I can be for myself, the better I’ll be for the boys and then we are all winning because mommy isn’t being a raging bitch.

With that being said, stay tuned for a couple new ‘fun for mommy’ projects coming this year. I’m working to perfect before I roll out which may take a while #becausetwins.

One of these days, I’ll get around to writing about my favorite things right now. I’ve found SO many new products that are helping to make my life easier while also making me look like I got more than 5 hours of sleep – I promise to share soon. Stay tuned.

I hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday season! I feel like this year was hard for a lot of people but don’t forget to try to find the good in life. There really is a lot of good in this world and you don’t actually have to look too hard to find it, you just have to look.

Luke is screaming so I guess I should go. The boys’ naps have gone from 45-90 min to 20-30 at the most.. at different times. Got to love twins…

Wish me luck…

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