Hot Mess Cooking

People often ask me how I stay so fit when I have such a busy life. The answer is all organic everything and working out 5-6x/week.

Just kidding, people ask me when I’m due and if it’s a boy or a girl. It takes them a second to realize what an ass they are when I respond with “pizza and wings”. Side note: don’t ever ask someone when they are due if they HAVEN’T TOLD YOU THAT THEY ARE PREGNANT.

A N Y W A Y.

There’s no denying that I need to work on my fitness level. Gone are the days of skimpy bikinis and no stretch marks and while I’ve accepted it, I would like to stop pulling my back out every single time I pick up my toddler sized infant. I would like to avoid having to buy a WHOLE new wardrobe and I would definitely like to aid my dwindling energy levels in whatever way I can. When I figure out how to fit working out consistently into this mom life, I will be sure to let you know but until then, I have decided to work on the dreaded word…

Diet *cue temper tantrum*

I don’t mean diet in the sense that I’m cutting everything out of my life, I mean diet as in my dietary habits. Don’t get it confused y’all, this mama doesn’t do diets while Oreos are still in existence.

Brandon and I order out entirely too much, eat entirely too many frozen meals, stop in the fast food line or don’t eat at all. All very bad habits, I know, but when you’re in survival mode with newborns, you just do what you can. Now that the boys can entertain themselves for short periods of time, we have a little bit more time to cook. Even if I don’t make the HEALTHIEST meals, it’s still probably better than McDonalds. Also, I should mention that when I say cook, I mean crockpot cooking because what’s ‘real’ cooking when you have kids?

This brings me to my new blog segment: Hot Mess Cooking.

All upcoming Hot Mess Cooking recipes will be able to be found under the new tab on my blog titled “Eat!”. They will all require minimal effort and time which, let’s be serious, make for the best kind of recipe.

Up first is the deconstructed burrito which I adapted from No. 2 Pencil. I love this recipe because you can eat the leftovers so many ways which leaves you feeling like you’re eating something new each time instead of the same thing that you cooked 4 nights ago.  Eat this with a whole wheat wrap, over lettuce, stuffed in a pepper or straight from the crockpot!



Try it out and be sure to send me your modifications and how you ate it! I would have taken a picture to try to be legit but I was eating it in the dark while Brandon rocked Carter to sleep (if you haven’t already, you need to check out my instagram story of Carter laughing at me when I was telling him to go to sleep, the kid is NUTS).

I’m sure we’ll be back to chinese take out and McFlurries in no time but cheers to trying..

Wish me luck…



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