It’s been a while!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post (called it). Life has CERTAINLY gotten a hold of me/us. Between keeping kids happy and full of milk, day care starting, day care switching, 3 jobs,  3 weddings, sometimes writing a book, keeping 3 big wild beast dogs alive, not totally forgetting my husband exists, attempting to lose the baby weight and trying to figure my way through this mommy thing, I’ve been pretty busy. *toot toot*

I’m not even sure where to start to be honest. Life has definitely changed since the last time I logged into this thing. We are almost out of survival mode (just in time for teething to begin) and into being able to (mostly) enjoy our kids instead of wishing for lightening to strike us down instead. I will never ever be able to express how lucky I am to have Brandon on this adventure with me. He makes lets me nap when I’m being a raging bitch because I’m tired, he changes just as many diapers as I do, feeds as much as I do (although I do remind him on a daily basis of who is making that food) and knows all of the tricks to the boys that I do. I have yet to hear him complain (I guess he lets me do all of it) and on the days that I have nothing left (almost all of them), he is always there with a smile, no matter how tired that smile is, to snuggle on his babes.  It’s obnoxious, really, living with an angel. Sometimes, I have to remind my parents that I’M the favorite child (actually, Thomas is but shhh) and not the one that I brought into this family 4 years ago.

The boys are amazing. Exhausting, but amazing. They have both found their hands, more specifically their thumbs. I know it’ll result in some sort of oral surgery or braces at the very least but my God, thumb sucking babies are cute. We’ve been on breast milk exclusively but the “solids” are starting to make their way into their diet much to their dismay. Oatmeal? Gross. Pumpkin? Even worse. We are going to go with the sweet potatoes later this week. With as many donuts as I eat, I’m fairly certain they are getting quite the sugar rush when I feed them. They aren’t about that bland nonsense, bring on the sweets! We are still waiting for the intense belly laughs but they are well on their way to making an appearance — videos all over social media to come.

Carter is the chunkiest little baby ever still. He clearly wasn’t a fan of the preemie name so at 5 months old (4 months adjusted), he’s rocking 9-12 month clothes. I know this is normal to an extent but I’m praying this is a foreshadow of his size later in life. Mama needs those NFL perks! His thick thighs are like stress balls to me, I love it. He makes you work for his smiles but oh man, they are worth it. They light up the whole room. He doesn’t roll from him belly to his back but he rolls from his back to his belly (real life). He sits up by himself for a few seconds these days which makes him visibly excited and it’s so cute I could throw up. He loves to love Uncle Tom when his football teams loses AGAIN and he’s just like his daddy in that he is typically the calm/quiet one but when he gets hungry, holy hell. You’d better have food ready within seconds of him wanting it or else that attitude is COMING OUT. His new favorite thing is his WVU puppy… can you even?img_0114-1


Happiest Lil Mountaineer

Lucas is a freaking wild child. I’m not actually sure if he’s even growing anymore because he burns so many calories moving ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I’m actually nervous about what life will be like with him. He’s the kid who is going to be riding the dogs, jumping down the stairs from the top step, swinging on the light fixtures, scaring me for fun and running away from me in the mall. He does NOT stay still, even in his sleep. He is a flirt already and he looks forward to his weekly visits from his Auntie Cailin so he can fall asleep in her hair after he’s worn himself out from smiling so much (real life). He absolutely, positively LOVES his brother (although that feeling is not returned quite yet) and LOVES music. He screams when he’s not being walked around by someone because God forbid you sit still with him. He’s recently started tugging at his diaper so, that’ll be fun. Luke has found a new love in Sophia, the most expensive teething toy in all of the land. Go figure.


I can’t wait to tell you guys about my attempts at losing the baby weight (hint: it’s not working) but it’s time to pick the boys up from day care… sigh.

I guess I should take a second to visit one last topic before I’m whisked away into a world of snotty babies crying because their gums hurt. Over the past couple of months, I’ve received various messages from concerned blog readers asking if I have postpartum depression because apparently talking about selling your children and taking the long way home from work to avoid said children that you want to sell is NOT ok to do in a public forum (but will absolutely continue). While I appreciate the concern, I do not have postpartum depression. I have twin infants. No, it’s not like your kids who are 12 months apart. No, it’s not all baby giggles, matching outfits and rainbows like your favorite IG account makes it seem. It’s hard. Daycare is expensive AF. We are tired, hungry and really, really tired. Luckily, it gets so much easier from here.


Wish me luck…

3 thoughts on “It’s been a while!

  1. Nema B says:

    You’re doing an amazing job with those boys. I commend you each time I see you post. I only had 1 and it was (and still is) hard AF. Nevermind what others ‘think’…your boys smiles are your confirmation that they are happy and that you & Brando are doing a superb job! Keep on keeping on Kayla…you got this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mommysdoublemartini says:

    Bahahaha…Best post ever! Definitely come back and give us more! I’m right in the same boat. I wish daily that I was working so I could get the hell away from these two jerks. lol. I do have a bit of depression but I would never actually leave my babies! Oh people…calm yourselves, am I right?! 🙂


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