Well, this feels familiar.

If you have been friends with me on social media for a few years, you have undoubtedly seen my several failed attempts at holding down a blog. I get really inspired for about a month and then they fall off. I expect this attempt to be no different.

If you’ve been friends with me on social media for a couple of seconds, you have undoubtedly seen the several children that I just recently had. My husband and I made a mistake back in August and subsequently became pregnant with twins. It’s been the best/worst time of my life. (read as: someone end it/me)

Why am I doing this blog thing again, you may ask? Here’s the reason:

 Sometimes mamas just gotta get away (mainly from twin B).

Enter “creative writing” and “expressing myself” or as I like to call it, oversharing, offending and immediately disqualifying myself from any future jobs that do a google search. It’s my form of medication since they haven’t yet created a medication that blocks out the noise of crying babies and even if they did, that shit would be E X P E N S I V E. Thanks, Obama.

If you’re like me, and spend way too much time on social media, you will most likely click on one of the links I post that take you to this blog. I truly don’t have much to talk about other than my kids and my dogs so, I apologize. But also, you’re welcome.

This post was short lived but the kids are calling (screaming bloody murder) so I guess I better go handle that. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of shoving a pacifier in there and not a matter of blow out diaps…

Wish me luck.


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